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Our mission is to create a calm and accommodating environment where everyone can fully enjoy the festival. By dividing the day into two duplicate sessions, we can allow a greater number of participants without compromising the comfort of the space.

Game Room

Morning 10a - 1p | Afternoon 2p - 5p

Pokémon Club

Learn to play the card game, build a deck, or play a game!

Main Hall

Morning 10a - 12p | Afternoon 2p - 4p

Jedi Training + Superhero Academy

Advance your skills with the lightsaber or your harness new super powers!

Main Hall

Morning 12:30p - 1p | Afternoon 4:30p - 5p

Cosplay Contest

Enter your costume for prizes and glory!

Worskshop Area

Morning 10:30a - 11:15a | Afternoon 2:30p - 3:15p

Drawing with Christopher Eliopoulos

Learn to cartoon with our Special Guest artist!

Worskshop Area

Morning 11:30a - 12:15a | Afternoon 3:30p - 4:15p

Hero Crafts with Cathy G. Johnson

Become your own Superhero in this recycled art workshop!


Morning 10a - 1p | Afternoon 2p - 5p

Character Design with Emily Drouin

Join the maker space for character design tutorials, coloring, and art activities!


Morning 10a - 1p | Afternoon 2p - 5p

Brick Building with Lego

Express yourself in three dimensions in our brick building space!

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