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Special Guest

Calmer Con Boston is thrilled to announce special guest artist Christopher Eliopoulos! Chris is the author and illustrator behind the popular Ordinary People Change the World series – the inspiration for Xavier Riddle animated series on PBS. Chris will be debuting his newest picture book A Little Emotional where emotions lurk and loom like colorful monsters. Come meet him in our Artist Alley!

Calmer Con also welcomes exhibitors who represent neurodiversity themselves or in their work. 

Artist Alley


Alex Graudins

MICE_Catalina Rufin.jpg

Catalina Rufin

JM_Roy Thomas_Color - Jon Mills.jpg

Jon Mills


Bob Noberini

Emily Drouin_ - Emily Drouin_edited.jpg

Emily Drouin


Kelly McNulty


Boston Comics Roundtable

55AAF72F-2B2E-4FD2-9FD6-4C6AB417925D - Jesse Lundberg.jpeg

Jesse Lundberg

7599F528-6E1B-4CE8-8EAC-691CE3FDF078 - Willow Hearth.png

Willow Hearth


clemenzicrusaders2wlogo - Eric Clemenzi.jpg

Clemenzi Crusaders


CAELogo_large72 - Cathy G. Johnson.jpg

Cathy G. Johnson

Drawing Workshop

inbound8510687903563155056 - Diane Haley

Diane Haley


Professional Services

ADHD_Podcast_Logo_3000x3000_white - Brendan Mahan.jpg
ADHD Essentials

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS., is the host of the ADHD Essentials Podcast, an internationally recognized expert on ADHD/Executive Function, anxiety, and neurodiverse parenting. He is a highly engaging, sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant.


ARTrelief™ is an innovative and unique Community Expressive Arts Therapy Center where cultural and religious freedom, equity, inclusion and diversity are valued, celebrated and considered as strengths in our community. We specialize in expressive arts therapy, community mental health and wellness, training and education.


The Autism Alliance is a Massachusetts-based organization providing support, programs, and resources to families and individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders. We help Massachusetts families understand an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, guide them through the next steps, and connect them to a supportive community.

Autism Alliance
NeuroAccessLogo - Nicole Prus (Neuro-Access).png

Advocacy and training to support the special education process.

Neuro-Access Educational Consulting
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